I Don’t Just Set Trends, I Predict Them!

Welcome to The Psychic Stylist!

My name is Aaron Mark and I am The Psychic Stylist – here on a mission to bring style and good vibes to people in their everyday lives, and also to the pages of the magazines you read!

Please have a look around my site, I post blogs with helpful hints and tips, how-to’s, and general random Psychic Stylist adventures, and you can use the Contact page to book yourself in for a styling session and grab some good vibes for yourself (and your wardrobe!)

Love and Light

AM x

cdd2f-client2b22bb2band2ba“I immediately got an amazing connection with Aaron since the first chat about my body shape and my style. Aaron understood my style perfectly and overall my personality. Thanks to this, Aaron chose a perfect outfit for me in just 5 minutes! I really appreciate that Aaron did’t change my style, but added some items that I would never normally pick up. I’m completely in love with the outfit. Thank you for pushing me to wear something unusual for my style which otherwise I would never have looked at.”

Beatrice C

fd9e4-client2b12bb2band2ba“I never would have thought about trying on these clothes, but I actually love this outfit!”

Hira U